Weekly Shotokan Karate Training in Palmerston North

Monday and Thursdays

Children 6 – 7pm, Adults 7 – 8pm.

Intermediate Normal School Gym, South Street, Palmerston North.

Additional training by invitation.


What can you expect from training?


Karate training has multiple benefits. You will learn karate kihon, kata and kumite and how these can be applied to techniques for self defense.

At times training may be both physically and mentally demanding. You may find some of the training difficult, but over time your mind and your body will adjust as your karate improves. Karate also helps with coordination, balance, confidence, fitness, flexibility, and mental focus and concentration.


Kids Classes

Our Kids classes are aimed at children 7 years +.

The kids grading curriculum follows the international USKU grading standards, and are held at a high level to ensure New Zealand is well represented on the international scale.

To keep kids experienced in tournament formalities we hold 5 Intra-Dojo tournaments a year. The currently focus on Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Kata, and Beginners and Intermediate Kumite. Each winner of the five divisions wins a Championship belt which they can wear to normal trainings. The belt is returned and presented to the new winner at the next Intra-Dojo tournament.

Kids classes are one hour in duration on Monday and Thursdays from 6 – 7pm. Advanced kids are also invited to join our Saturday trainings.


Adults Classes

Adults classes are typically focused on ages 15 +.  We welcome new member at any time to come along and try out classes.

The core of adult training is focused on kihon, kata and kumite.  Adults are encouraged to start warming up from 6.45 to ensure class can start promptly at 7pm, and in turn get a full hours training in.