Recommended Books for USKU Students

Below are some recommended books / reference materials

Universal Shotokan Karate Union Textbook 1.  Kihon, Heian Kata, Tekki Kata

Universal Shotokan Karate Union Textbook 1

This textbook was specifically produced for international members of Universal Shotokan Karate Union.  The textbook covers basic kihon, along with step by step instruction for Heian Shodan through to Heian Godan, and the three Tekki kata.

Only a limited number of these books were published and stock is limited.  Ask your USKU instructor for more information.  Several copies have also been reserved to borrow from the club on a short term basis.


All Japan Karatedo Shotokan - Kihon Kata

Published under the formation of AJKS (All Japan Karatedo Shotokan) which umbrella's Shotokan representation in Japan within the JKF (Japan Karate Federation).

With great images and a move by move description in both Japanese and English, this book is a great resource for all USKU students.  Difficult to obtain outside of Japan.  If interested in purchasing a copy please talk to your USKU instructor for options.


Best Karate Series

A timeless comprehensive guide to all elements of Shotokan Karate.  With 11 books in the series covering detail on Kihon, Kumite and almost all of the Shotokan kata this is an essential resource for all students of Shotokan karate.

Click below for information about volume 1 in the series.