International Grading and Tournament Success for USKU NZ

Five students from Palmerston North’s Universal Shotokan Karate club recently travelled to Margaret River in Western Australia to undertake black belt grading’s under the organisation’s Chief Director Kenichi Fukamizu from Japan and supporting international grading panel.

The grading was part of a wider four day event including seminars from international instructors and a two day tournament.

Of the five students, Paul Mangin, Ajay Bansal, Atlanta Hearn and Rosalia Siu all graded for shodan (first degree black belt), with Jaqueline Siu grading nidan (second degree black belt).  All five successfully passed the grading with the formal announcement of results taking place at the conclusion of the wider four day championship.

All students have trained for at least 6 years, with training intensity increasing significantly this year in preparation for the grading, showing a long term focus and dedication to training required as part of our lifelong commitment to karate.  An amazing achievement for the team that graded this year, especially as some have been training from five years of age.

To ensure the organisations international standards are upheld, all black belt gradings must be conducted under an international panel of senior instructors, with the location alternating yearly between Japan and another country represented by the organisation.

Four students also competed in the international championships, with medals going to Atlanta Hearn (gold medal, kumite), Paul Mangin (silver medals, kata and kumite) and Rosalia Siu (silver medal kumite).