Japan Visit – October 2011

Six members of USKU New Zealand recently travelled to Japan for Dan gradings, seminars and the 13th Universal Shotokan Karate tournament.

The two week trip included several days of sightseeing while travelling from Osaka down to Takanabe Town in Miyazaki prefecture, Kyushu island in Japan.  Sightseeing included the famous golden pavilion – Kinkakuji, Ryoanji zen gardens, Kiyomizu in Kyoto and the peace park in Hiroshima.  It provided a few days of break after over a year of hard training towards the dan gradings waiting down south.

Takanabe is the home of Universal Shotokan Karate, so the opportunity to sit dan gradings here had special significance.  On top of the grading was several seminars, and the 13th USKU karate tournament with over 300 competitors from around the prefecture, and internationally.  In total 29 competitors travelled from 4 countries to compete and learn.

The international event attracted some attention, and was featured in several news paper articles an also a radio interview.  Several international senior members were also invited to experience Kendo, Judo and Taiho Jitsu (the art of arrest) thanks to the Takanabe Town police station.

The next Japan visit is scheduled from late 2013, with 2012 being hosted by USKU Australia in Queensland.