Successful Black Belt Gradings in Japan

After over a year of focused training for black belt, and many more years of hard training four USKU New Zealand students have successfully returned from Japan with shodan (first degree black belt) black belts, and one with nidan (second degree black belt).

On Saturday October 23rd five students from USKU New Zealand sat black belt gradings in Takanabe town, Miyazaki prefecture Japan, the home of Universal Shotokan Karate.  Gradings were assessed by Kenichi Fukamizu Shihan (8th Dan) and Carl Marriott Shihan (8th Dan).  10 pople in total graded for either shodan, nidan, sandan of yondan – 8 of these travelled internationally for the grading.

Successful USKU New Zealand students where;

Jenny Nixey

Simon Tavendale
Lori Ternent
Joseph Izumi
Jaqueline Siu

Congratulations to these five.  A testiment to a long intensive course of disciplined training – remember Shodan is just the begining!