USKU International Tournament, Labuan, Malaysia

USKU Labuan (Mayalsia) hosted our 16th USKU International Tournament, AGM, seminars and dan gradings over 17th to 22nd of September 2014.

USKU New Zealand was represented by three members and two supporters.  This event served as the venue for two USKU students to grade for their Shodan (first degree black belt’s).  Grading was conducted under examiners Fukamizu hanshi and Morgan Dilks sensei.  Both members successfully passed their gradings and also completed in the international tournament along with Jenny Nixey sensei.

A big “thank you” to Labuan for the great hospitality and organisation of such a successful event!

Event : 16th International Karate Friendship Tournament

Date : 17th to 22 of September 2014.

Key Events :

September 17th

Arrival and weigh-in for competitors

September 18th

Team Managers meetings


Welcome Dinner

September 19th

Karate Seminar

Referee Training

Dan gradings

September 20th / 21st


September 22nd

Free time / Return home

Venue : Financial Park Convention Hall,

Labuan, Malaysia :

Organisers : 1. Labuan Universal Shotokan Karate (USK) Club

2. Federal Territory of Labuan Karate Association (LKA)