We offer training in traditional Shotokan karate focusing on three core elements of training; Kihon (blocks, punches and kicks), Kata (set patterns) and Kumite (sparring).

USKU International

Kenichi Fukamizu Shihan (8th Dan) established USKU formally in 1999 in Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. Fukamizu Shihan`s depth of technical proficiency in Karate has made him a sought after instructor for seminars and coaching worldwide. USKU has affiliated dojo`s in Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kuwait, Philippines, India and New Zealand.

Universal Shotokan Karate Union is affiliated with Japan Karate Federation (JKF) and All Japan Karatedo Shotokan (AJKS).


USKU New Zealand

Universal Shotokan Karate Union New Zealand was established in Palmerston North in May 2008.  Since that time we have had many committed students graduate through the black belt ranks, with gradings typically taking place internationally.  All USKU NZ black belts have trained and graded under an international USKU panel, with all grades awarded by USKU Chief Director, Fukamizu hanshi.

Every year we represent New Zealand at the USKU International Championships, which are held in Japan (every second year) and a USKU participating country in between Japan hosting.  This provides students the opportunity to experience traditional karate in Japan, grading and competing internationally and also experience different cultures while making international friendships.