Universal Shotokan Karate

Kenichi Fukamizu Shihan (8th Dan) established USKU in 1999 in Miyazaki, Japan and now has dojo`s in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, India, South Africa and Singapore. More »


Weekly Training for PeeWees, Kids and Adults

Training weekly on Monday and Thursdays, PeeWees 5.30 – 6pm, Children 6 – 7pm, Adults 7 – 8pm. Intermediate Normal School Gym, South Street, Palmerston North. Additional trainings by invitation. More »


Traditional Shotokan Karate

We offer training in traditional Shotokan karate focusing on three core elements of training; Kihon (blocks, punches and kicks), Kata (set patterns) and Kumite (sparring). More »

Black Belt gradings in Japan

Congratulations to Sam Siggs, Andre Griffin and Dominic Griffin for successfully passing their shodan (black belt) grading in Miyazaki, Japan under an international grading panel.  The pass is reflective of many years of dedicated training.

7th Hawke’s Bay ‘Essential Shotokan’ Gasshuku

A big thank you to Edmond Otis sensei and his dojo for the invitation to their 7th Gasshuku in Napier over the weekend.  We have been supporting this yearly event since the first one in 2009.

Andre Bertel Sensei Seminar

Morgan Dilks with Andre Bertel sensei

Andre Bertel sensei hosted a seminar in Christchurch, New Zealand over January 10 – 11 2015 during his visit from Japan where he currently resides.  Attendees were lucky enough to have some great tuition in some key elements in Shotokan used to generate maximum power – specifically body movement, hip rotation and compression.

Manawatu Karate Champs

USKU students were well represented at the Manawatu Karate Champs at St Peters College on the 23rd of November. There were some outstanding results, and everyone that competed in kata, kumite or both should be very proud of their results. The USKU participants results are as follows;

USKU International Tournament, Labuan, Malaysia


USKU Labuan (Mayalsia) hosted our 16th USKU International Tournament, AGM, seminars and dan gradings over 17th to 22nd of September 2014.