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2016 USKU International Seminar, Adelaide

USKU Seminar 2016 Adelaide Australia

Fukamizu hanshi conducted our 2016 USKU seminar for participants in this years USKU international event.  The sessions focused on the importance of core kihon and breathing.

TSKF NZ Seminar

TSKF Seminar Mark Willis Shihan Feb 2016

Five members of USKU NZ travelled to Churton Park for an intensive day of training under the instruction of Mark Willis sensei.  Some great training and some key focus points to bring back to our dojo.

Technical Kihon and Kata Seminar, Miyazaki Japan

Sugino Sensei Technical Seminar Miyazaki Japan

USKU NZ and international students participated in a technical seminar conducted by Sugino sensei of JKS.  This seminar focused primarily on finer kihon points and higher level kata.

7th Hawke’s Bay ‘Essential Shotokan’ Gasshuku

A big thank you to Edmond Otis sensei and his dojo for the invitation to their 7th Gasshuku in Napier over the weekend.  We have been supporting this yearly event since the first one in 2009.

Andre Bertel Sensei Seminar

Morgan Dilks with Andre Bertel sensei

Andre Bertel sensei hosted a seminar in Christchurch, New Zealand over January 10 – 11 2015 during his visit from Japan where he currently resides.  Attendees were lucky enough to have some great tuition in some key elements in Shotokan used to generate maximum power – specifically body movement, hip rotation and compression.